Father’s Day and A Southern Girl’s View

As our nation celebrates Father’s day today, I remember my own fathers.

How to make a fruit cobbler

A few weeks back on a Friday night during the early days of the panademic, I got a little bored. So, I reached out on Facebook to all my friends and posed a very serious question...

Travel Thursday ~ New Weekly Series

Introducing a new weekly video series on Instagram from A Southern Girl's View.

Podcast #27 Murilo Queiroz ~ A Family’s Immigration Story

Today on the show, I am chatting with Mr. Murilo Queiroz. Murilo is a native of Brazil, but he now calls Houston home.

A Southern Girl’s View… Churchill Downs | Kentucky Travel Photographer

Sandy Adams shares A Southern Girl's View when she visits historic Churchhill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby...

A Southern Girl’s View… Mississippi River @ Memphis

A Southern Girl's View of the Mississippi River @ Memphis by Sandy Adams..

A Southern Girl’s View… The Magazine!

A Southern Girl's View... publishes first magazine

A Southern Girl’s View… Kid Rock @ Memphis

A Southern Girl's View of Kid Rock @ Memphis in concert...

A Southern Girl’s View… Hotel Chisca and her Elvis connection | Memphis Travel Photographer

A Southern Girl's View of Memphis' Hotel Chisca...

A Southern Girl’s View… Leap Day

A Southern Girl's View of Leap Day Feb 29...