Father’s Day and A Southern Girl’s View

As our nation celebrates Father’s day today, I remember my own fathers. My biological father who helped give me birth and from whom I inherited many great characteristics; and my step-dad who taught me what having a father felt like.

Neither man could read nor write (yes you read that correctly), but they were both incredibly smart and taught me how to succeed with what you have. Neither ever let their lack of formal education hinder them in ANY way and today I celebrate both of their memories, and for helping to shape who I am today.

So, I am here to say to you, don’t make excuses for what you don’t have, instead look at what you do have and make it work.

What is one thing your father taught you that has helped shape who you are today?

✴️ I am sure that you may be wondering how my fathers could grow up without learning to read or write…. I recently did a podcast on the very issue rampant across these United States – Adult Literacy, which is still a critical problem even in 2020.