Podcast #44 Road Trips And How They Shaped My Life

Some of the best memories of my life were those days packing up at a moments notice and going for a drive with my mom whether it was for the afternoon or the weekend. The excitement that immediately kicked in and the sense of wonder as we explored backroads and different towns has never ceases to amaze me. In this episode I discuss the 3 most powerful and life changing trips that I have taken.

Podcast #42 Texas Energy Crisis with James Cargas, Energy Expert

Memphis podcast host and photographer, Sandy Adams, chats with energy expert, James Cargas, the CEO of New Energy LLC based in Houston. They chat about his path from Detroit Michigan to Houston, the energy capital of the world. How he and his family weathered the arctic blast that hit Texas mid-February and the ins and outs of the Texas power grid controversy. All of this and so much more.