Podcast #35 Richard Hyde | British Consul General Houston

Memphis photographer and traveler, Sandy Adams, chats with Richard Hyde, British Consul General Houston..

Podcast #34 Mona Batchelor Tennessee Hiking Librarian

Memphis based photographer, Sandy Adams, chats with Mona Batchelor, retired librarian and current online instructor with VIP Kid.

Podcast #33 Dr. George Kieh, Jr. Former Liberian Presidential Candidate

Memphis photographer and educator, Sandy Adams, interviews former Liberian presidential candidate, Dr. George Klay Kieh, Jr.


eason 3 of A Southern Girl's View with Sandy Adams premiers Wed Oct 7 2020. This new season will be even more exciting with a wide range of interesting people from all parts of the country and around the world. From Memphis State Handball to the Republic of Liberia, from the small towns of West Tennessee to the outposts of the British Government.

Podcast #31 Traci Edwards~ Adventure and Vow Elopement Photographer

Today on the show I am chatting with Adventure and Vow’s Traci Edwards, she’s an elopement photographer based in Arizona who travels to the Pacific Northwest, Southern California, Southern Utah and Iceland for elopements.

Podcast #30 Kate Gunderson NASA Aerospace Engineer

Today on the show, I am chatting with Kate Gunderson, an Aerospace Engineer with NASA, the Johnson Space Center here in Houston.

Podcast #29 Andy Biggs ~ African Wildlife Photographer, Safaris & Custom Trip Guide

Today on the show I am chatting with Houston-based Wildlife Photographer, Safari & Custom Trip Guide, Mr. Andy Biggs.   Andy is an avid adventurer, conservationist, teacher and outdoor photographer whose images celebrate the African landscape and its rich wildlife, people and culture. Andy and I talk about his path from Silicon Valley to the … Continue reading Podcast #29 Andy Biggs ~ African Wildlife Photographer, Safaris & Custom Trip Guide

Podcast #27 Murilo Queiroz ~ A Family’s Immigration Story

Today on the show, I am chatting with Mr. Murilo Queiroz. Murilo is a native of Brazil, but he now calls Houston home.

Podcast #25 Donnie Young Musician Businessman Puerto Aventuras

Memphis photographer and world traveler, Sandy Adams chats with Mr. Donnie Young on the podcast. Donnie is a musician and a business owner based in the Yucatan Peninsula’s Puerto Aventuras.

Podcast #24 Dr. Sushma Jansari | Curator at The British Museum

Today on the show, Sandy is chatting with Dr. Sushma Jansari, a curator with the British Museum in London, England. They talk about working during a pandemic, growing up in England, the brilliance of hairspray (the product not the movie), her dream podcast guest and just what exactly keeps her busy.