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Me at the American Cemetery – Manila, The Philippines (circa 1974)

My name is Sandy. I’m a photographer and world traveler, born and raised in small town Tennessee. I have been obsessed with history and the entire world since I first saw Yul Brynner as Ramesses II in “The Ten Commandments”.

Growing up in the south, the best part of the summer was the late nights sitting outside on the front porch listening to my mom and my aunts. They were always laughing and telling us kids stories about their childhood. Those nights were some of the best moments of my life when times were really simple and the only thing to focus on was catching fireflies at dusk.

My mom instilled in me the fierce love of travel, specifically road trips, literally from the time I was in her womb. That love of the open road, incredible views of this great country and other countries, has been a lifelong journey for me. The roads less traveled are always the most interesting and what you learn along the way changes who you are and inspires you for tomorrow.

Sandy and Lil’ Lucy – Taos Pueblo, NM (circa 2010)

Sandy and the late Dayton O. Hyde, at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary that he founded in 1988 (circa 2010)

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“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”


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