Podcast #41 Marianne Dunavant, Marsy’s Law, Tennessee Director

Photographer and Brand Strategist, Sandy Adams, talks with Marianne Dunavant, the Tennessee Victim Outreach Director for Marsy’s Law on this latest podcast.

Happy New Year and the Creation of Leap Day

Memphis photographer and educator, Sandy Adams, discusses the creation of the calendar with a leap day...

Podcast #40 | Stephanie Espy ~ MathSP Founder/CEO, Author & Speaker

Memphis photographer and world traveler, Sandy Adams, chats with Atlanta-based MathSP founder, Stephanie Espy...

Happy Birthday Mark Twain

Memphis photographer, Sandy Adams highlights the life of Mark Twain...

Podcast #39 Perry “Ivan” Graves 1914 Boxing Welterweight Champion

In today’s episode, I’m sharing a story about the 1914 World Welterweight Boxing Champion, Perry “Ivan” Graves.

Podcast #38 What Veterans Day Means To Me

On this Veterans Day episode, I revisit a blog post I wrote back in 2010 on what this day means to me with a few updates.

Podcast #37 Nathaniel Sheidley Revolutionary Spaces Boston

Memphis photographer and travel writer, Sandy Adams, chats with Boston's Revolutionary Spaces President & CEO, Dr. Nathaniel Sheidley.

Podcast #36 Chris Jennings Memphis State Handball Champion

Photographer and world traveler, Sandy Adams, catches up with Memphis State Handball champion, Chris Jennings and the glory days of the sport and his current life in Canada.

Podcast #35 Richard Hyde | British Consul General Houston

Memphis photographer and traveler, Sandy Adams, chats with Richard Hyde, British Consul General Houston..

Podcast #34 Mona Batchelor Tennessee Hiking Librarian

Memphis based photographer, Sandy Adams, chats with Mona Batchelor, retired librarian and current online instructor with VIP Kid.