Podcast #40 | Stephanie Espy ~ MathSP Founder/CEO, Author & Speaker

Today on the show, I am chatting with Stephanie Espy.

With chemical engineering degrees from both MIT and UC Berkeley and an MBA from Emory, Stephanie’s background is indeed impressive, but not nearly has impressive as her current mission to inspire and educate the next wave of female STEM leaders as the founder of MathSP based in Atlanta Georgia.

Stephanie and I chat about growing up in a family of engineers, the scarcity of girls, especially minorities in STEM, and how she juggles being a mom and a business owner.  We discuss her mom and grandmother’s influence, as well as, the 44 incredible STEM women she has interviewed in her book STEM Gems.

We discuss:

  • Where did it all start?
  • What is MathSp and how did it come about?
  • When was the first time you realized you as a girl and a minority was not the norm in the subjects that you loved?
  • Was your degree at Emory essential in starting MathSP?
  • What is “STEM Gems” and how did the book idea first come up?
  • Was there one person that stood apart from all the others while researching your book?
  • What impact has your book and career had on your family?
  • And so much more!

To hear our conversation on these topics and so much more, click play >>HERE!<<

You can find out more about Stephanie and MathSP at www.mathsp.com To learn more about her book, STEM Gems, go to www.stemgemsbook.com

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