Podcast #44 Road Trips And How They Shaped My Life

The open road.

Windows down, music playing and the smells of the countryside.

Those are my earliest memories of road trips with my mom, my aunt and my cousin. Listen >>NOW<<

Some of the best memories of my life were those days packing up at a moments notice and going for a drive with my mom whether it was for the afternoon or the weekend.   The excitement that immediately kicked in and the sense of wonder as we explored backroads and different towns has never ceases to amaze me.

In this episode I discuss the 3 most powerful and life changing trips that I have taken.

  • The Philippine Islands 1974
  • Europe 1998
  • American West 2010

Each one of these trip involved traveling by road either the entire time or large portions. I remember each trip vividly and learned so much about the places I visited, but most especially about myself. Listen in >>HERE<< the highlights of my trips.

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