Podcast #24 Dr. Sushma Jansari | Curator at The British Museum

In this podcast episode I am chatting with Dr. Sushma Jansari, a curator with The British Museum in London, England.

We talk about working during a pandemic, growing up in England, the brilliance of hairspray (the product not the movie), her dream podcast guest and just what exactly keeps her busy.

For all my listeners out there, Sushma and I met last fall here in Houston.  I was working with a local non-profit, Archaeology Now Houston, and we brought her over to Houston to give a talk about the Kama Sutra and challenging the stereo types of this ancient Indian Sanskrit text.

Summary outline of our conversation:

  • Current position/work
  • Pandemic & effects on museum, your life and work
  • Your website, your podcasts and social media
  • Where you were born & raised
  • What lured you into your your field of study/work
  • What locations in the world have you worked?