Happy 250th Birthday Mr. President ! | Tips on Touring Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage Nashville Tennessee Travel

“Americans are not a perfect people, but we are called to a perfect mission.” – Andrew Jackson

Today marks the 250th birthday of one of our earliest presidents, Andrew Jackson.   Jackson settled in Nashville, Tennessee and his home, the Hermitage, is a beautiful testament to the splendor of the great state of Tennessee.

Yes, President Jackson definitely has his negative points and is controversial, but his historic home is a jewel in the middle Tennessee region.  The Hermitage is a very quick and scenic 20 min drive east of Nashville on Interstate 40.  It is opened year round except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.   Be prepared in the heat of the summer, for high and humid temperatures.

Random facts:

  • Jackson purchased a smaller property than his former Hunter’s Hill estate in 1804 from neighbor, Nathaniel Hays.   This property was roughly 425 acres and would become the historic Hermitage.
  • Fire damaged the house in the fall of 1834 and was rebuilt and refurbished by 1837.
  • The Hermitage is considered by many historians to be the best preserved early U.S presidential home and welcomes about 16 million visitors from around the world.
  • The Hermitage was first opened to the public in 1889.
  • Jackson was orphaned as a teenager and fathered no biological children

For those with a short time to spend as this magnificent house, here is a suggestion for a two-hour visit (visit the Hermitage website for more suggestions):

  1. Tour the exhibits in the Andrew Jackson Visitor Center. 20 minutes
  2. Walk to and tour the Hermitage mansion. 35 minutes
  3. Walk through The Hermitage Garden, and visit Rachel and Andrew Jackson’s tomb. 20 minutes
  4. Visit Alfred’s Cabin. 10 minutes
  5. Walk to and briefly tour the First Hermitage. 20 minutes
  6. Return to the Visitor Center and stop by the Museum Store. Or grab a snack at The Kitchen Cabinet 15 minutes
  • add a few extra minutes for young children; no pets allowed on the property