A Southern Girl’s View… February 11, 1805 ~ Sacajawea Gives Birth

On this day in history, Sacajawea gave birth to a son, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau(y), nicknamed Pompey.  The History Channel summed it up best…

On this day in 1805, Sacagawea went into labor. Lewis, who would often act as the expedition’s doctor in the months to come, was called on for the first and only time during the journey to assist in a delivery. Lewis was anxious to insure his new Shoshone interpreter was in good shape for the arduous journey to come, and he later worriedly reported “her labour was tedious and the pain violent.” Told that a small amount of the rattle of rattlesnake might speed the delivery, Lewis broke up a rattler tail and mixed it with water. “She had not taken [the mixture] more than ten minutes before she brought forth,” Lewis happily reported.” (www.history.com)

The below picture is one I shot when I visited his grave on a very hot, summer day.   It is located in a cemetery next to his mother (controversy as to who is buried as Sacajawea here) on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.
Sandy Adams Photography Wyoming Travel Sacajewa Wind River A Southern Girls View-9936