A Southern Girl’s View… A Look Back @ NCAA Final Four 2011

    On the eve of the 2012 NCAA FInal Four match ups this weekend in New Orleans, I thought I would share photos I took at last year’s Final Four practice session here in Houston.

    Reliant Stadium, home of the Houston Texans, is located on the edge of downtown Houston inside the loop.   To me it was too big of an arena to hold a basketball game, but it sure does hold the people.   The practice sessions for the Final Four teams were open and free to the public.   I watched while the Butler Bulldogs ran through their practice drills.   Those Indiana boys even brought their mascot, who could be seen trotting about with the tv reporters on his tail trying to get an interview.  Seriously!!

    There were not nearly as many fans there as I thought, but I did run into a family that had been to 12 NCAA Final Fours with Houston being their 13th.  They even came in matching t-shirts made especially for their trip listing each final four they had been too.   Now that is dedication!  I also got a peek at the Reese’s College All-Star game.  While my boys in blue (Memphis) were kicked out of the tourney early, I held true to my Memphis heritage and left the practice session when the Kentucky team came out…  (die-hard basketball fans will SO understand!)

    So here is to the 4 teams to take the “stage” this weekend in New Orleans… Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio St and KU and may the best men win 😉