A Southern Girl’s View… A Small Southern Town At Christmas | Tennessee Travel Photographer

   “My Hometown” is the title of Detroit native Uncle Kracker’s latest single…  But it is also the title I give to the small southern town named McKenzie.

   The land that now makes up present day McKenzie was originally inhabited by the Chickasaw Indian Tribe.   But, It was not until the early 1800’s with westward expansion that “settlers” started arriving in the area.

   McKenzie, as a city, was officially organized in 1867 as a result of the Nashville & Northwestern Railroad completing its track and intersecting with the Memphis & Ohio Railroad.  The land where the two tracks intersected was owned by James Monroe McKenzie  and as a result of his land donation, the city was named “McKenzie”.   In the beginning it was actually called “McKenzie Station” but later shortened to simply “McKenzie”.  The city was officially incorporated by the State of Tennessee on Jan 22, 1869.  Thus began the life of a small southern town.  [source]


Historic home of Dr. John McKenzie (James Monroe's brother) on Stonewall St.

More historic homes on Stonewall St across from Dr. John McKenzie house