The History of the Blues: 1800 to Present with Sandy Adams

Life is a journey and my life has certainly been one. A journey with valleys and peaks and yes, even plateaus, ever changing just like the Sahara desert. My business has evolved again over the past 3 years both personally and professionally and I am grateful for my inspirational clients, my mentors and my team. 
 So freaking excited to announce that I will be teaching a brand new course for College of the Mainland’s LifeLong Learning Program.

Starting Oct 9 at the new Dickinson location, I will be teaching “The History of the Blues: 1800 to Present”. I was asked to create a history course that would appeal to a wide variety of people. The Blues just touched me and yes has a lot to do with me being from Tennessee and Memphis.

From the rich lands of Africa, to the slave plantations of the old south, to the modern cities of today, the history of the Blues is not just about music.  It is a history born of cultural and economic influences and the men and women who spread the music to generation after generation all the while exploring and recreating new sounds along the way.  This class will explore that cultural history and the economic factors that fueled the music, as well as, the men and women who sang and played the Blues and their impact on today’s music.

Registration is now open for this new Fall class hashtagSENR-7135 – direct link below [Wed 10-12pm Oct 9 to Nov 27] 

Link to register >>