Destination: United States Naval Academy With A Southern Girl’s View

On a hot sunny Saturday afternoon, I walked through the gates of history and on to the storied grounds of the United States Naval Academy.   The quiet little picturesque town (and state capital) of Annapolis Maryland is home to academy since its founding in 1845.

I was only in Annapolis for a few hours so I wanted to make the most of my time.  I was immediately surprised at how small the academy was or at least as it felt.  Since I was there on a Saturday in June, there were tons of weddings going on at historic chapel.  Literally a wedding every hour on the hour.  I did sign up for an escorted tour that was certainly very helpful.

It was a tad hard to find parking, as there is no parking for civilians inside the grounds and most of the streets immediately around the grounds are one way and cobblestone.   However, it is such a small little town that literally very easy to walk to.

naval-academy-travel-houston-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography1 naval-academy-travel-houston-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography4 naval-academy-travel-houston-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography5 naval-academy-travel-houston-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography6

The famous Army vs Navy football game is the one of the most traditional and enduring rivalries in college football.  Currently, Navy is on a 14 year winning streak (next game is Dec 10, 2016).naval-academy-travel-houston-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography8naval-academy-travel-houston-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography15

Roger Staubach, the famous 11 year quarterback with the Dallas Cowboys, was also a Naval Academy graduate and won the 1963 Heisman Trophy (pictured above right).  Roger served in the Navy after graduation and did a one year tour of Vietnam.naval-academy-travel-houston-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography9 naval-academy-travel-houston-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography10

The United States Naval Academy Chapel (pictured above) was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1961

John Paul Jones (aka Father of the US Navy) is buried below the chapel.

Bancroft Hall (pictured above) is the largest single dormitory in the world and home to the entire brigade of 4,000 midshipmen.


Above and below show the inside of Memorial Hall which a part of Bancroft Hallnaval-academy-travel-houston-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography19 naval-academy-travel-houston-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography21