A Southern Girl’s View… Huntingdon Tennessee and the Heart of Dixie | Tennessee Travel Photographer

   The court square is a common feature in almost every small town in the south.  A staple of the organized and thoughtful planning of the city founders.   Every court square is the same and yet each is very different but a city’s court square will always remain the heart of the city.

   The first settlers arrived in the area that is now Huntingdon around 1820 but the land was harsh.   This area developed a “bad” impression as news of the harsh land reached as far east as North Carolina.   Settlers described it as “fifty bushels of frogs to the acre, and snakes enough to fence the land.” [Excerpted Goodspeed’s History of TN]

  Dixie Carter (late actress known for such roles as Designing Women) was born and raised in the area that was once that harsh land feared as far east as North Carolina.   Ms. Carter was the quintessential southern lady and in the decade before her recent death she came back to her heart in this land of hers.  She and her husband, Hal Holbrook, assisted in the establishment of The Dixie Carter Performing Arts and Academic Enrichment Center.   just off the court square in Huntingdon Tennessee.  A center of performing arts for this once harsh land and a beacon that will shine as bright as Ms. Carter herself once did.