A Southern Girl’s View… New Year’s Resolutions | Houston Fashion Photographer

The end of 2010 is fast approaching… yet I have not been very excited about writing down any resolutions.   I have usually had the opinion that folks write down items with high expectations that quickly fade away as the new year starts.  I have been one of those people, yet I was reading another photographer’s blog today and something she wrote stuck in deep.   New Year’s Resolutions should not be looked upon as a list that is expected but one that is not achievable.

In reality, resolutions should be written down to record your hopes and dreams…  a record that you can look upon throughout the year to remind you of what you can and want to aspire to.    A person without dreams or hopes is really a shell of a person.   Hopes and dreams make us get up each day and look towards the future either short-term or long-term.   And sometimes those hopes and dreams become reality with a little hard work.    So don’t waste another minute and write down your hopes and dreams for 2011 today.   Give yourself something to aspire to.