A Southern Girl’s View.. releases mustang prints for sale

Finally after weeks of staring at the 700+ photographs that I shot, I have narrowed the selection down to 29.    For those not aware, I had the incredible opportunity this summer to take a 5 week road trip thru 15 states.    One of my stops was at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary just south of Hot Springs, SD.   I hired a private guide and started out on my little adventure at 6 am.    I saw several herds on just a small portion of the 10,000+ acre ranch and while they are truly wild not all of the horses are hesitate of humans.   Several horses came up to investigate me and some even allowed me to touch them.   There are some herds that are only seen maybe once a year and others that are seen on a daily basis.  It was a beautiful experience and one that I will not soon forget.   Please enjoy the selection of prints available for sale on my site.   A portion of the profits from each sale will go directly to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.  Check back often for one day only sales that might pop up.  Click on photo below to go directly to my site.

Horses at Wild Mustang Sanctuary