Day 1 – Destination… Round Rock, TX (Jun 30) 2010

Finally after 2 days of preparation, I finally got myself and Lucy packed and on the road.  Hurricane Alex is making landfall already but south in Mexico so thankfully all Houston is getting is constant rain.   Lucky for us the rain was very slight just overcast but slightly less humid than last week.

Since half a day travel today, I chose Round Rock as the night’s destination but with a purpose in mind…  to visit Comanche, TX first thing in the morning.

Only interesting tidbit for the day was thanks to a great feature I found on my new iphone (was not that thrilled until i found this app).   Roadside America app – it picks up your location then tells you all the weird and off the beaten path sights in your area and how to get to them exactly.   I decided to give it a whirl and picked something easy and quick since we started out so late.    About half way down the list, my eyes encountered the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre BBQ joint”!  This was the rural store used  as the BBQ gas station in the 1974 Tobe Hopper movie.  Pictures attached – I got Lucy in one of the pics and somehow it reminds me of the Lake Placid movie (with Bridget Fonda) where they leave the cow in the water to lure the monster alligators to shore…   Thankfully no chainsaws could be heard anywhere around.   It is worth a stop to at least say you have been there.  [Bastrop, TX take SH 304 about 4 miles or so south of SH 71]

Round Rock, TX… historical facts…  The staging of the Texan Santa Fe Expedition and the Archives War of the 1840s.  Also the famous Sam Bass shootout (apparently he was a notorious outlaw).  Bass is buried here in the old cemetery near the creek.

Tomorrow’s destination is Amarillo, TX via Comanche, TX; Sweetwater and Lubbock, TX (the center of West Texas Cotton).