Meet Sandy

    Sandy was born and raised in Tennessee, but has lived in Houston since 2004.  A Southern Girl’s View… is the travel writing/photography division of Sandy Adams Photography.   A Southern Girl’s View is Sandy’s perspective  thru her camera lens while hopefully educating the audience about the subject.

Sandy at age 5 (third from left) in the Philippine Islands…

    Sandy “officially” began her photographic career in Memphis, TN in 1999 as an outlet for her passion of nature photography.  The passion quickly grew to include landscape. as well as fashion photography.  A graduate of the University of Memphis with a B.A in International Relations and an M.A.T in Secondary Education, Sandy traveled widely across Europe and Mexico and developed a sense of capturing those special moments on film.

    The concept for A Southern Girl’s View… came about in 2009 as a way to approach photography as an educational art and a concept to incorporate Sandy’s birthplace and her perspective into her photography.  The idea really sprang to life in June 2010 when Sandy decided to quit her full-time job and take a little road trip with her puppy, Lucy (a 1-year old Rhodesian Ridgeback).

    That “little road trip” turned into a 41 day trip across 15 states, 8000+ miles and over 8,000 photographs.

Sandy and Lucy… in Wyoming

   Sandy and Lucy had many adventures along the way that will soon be documented in a book.  In 2011, Sandy published her first magazine entitled  “A Southern Girl’s View…“.   There are plans to publish more issues in the future.  A Southern Girl’s View… The Store officially opened online in April 2012 with a limited number of prints for sale.  Many more prints will be added, as well as, other products.

You can check out Sandy’s other sites below…

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